8th Grammar Handouts

These are handouts that were or will be handed out in class throughout the year. You do NOT need to print them from here because they will be given to you during class. You should also NOT print any handout that has not been assigned. However, you may print another one if you lost yours, or if you were absent and want to get a head start. Be sure to see the agenda for which handout(s) you may have missed. Assignments on Google Classroom will not be posted here. The agenda is always the place to look to see what is happening in class each day. The handouts below are categorized by type. 

Sentence Types / Structure

Sentence Types.pdf

Sentence Types

Simple Sentences.pdf

Simple Sentences

Compound-Complex Sentences.pdf

Compound Sentences

Complex Sentences.pdf

Complex Sentences

Compound-Complex Sentences.pdf


Sentence Types Review.pdf

Sentence Types Review

Active and Passive Voice / Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers

Active and Passive Voice.pdf

Active and Passive Voice

Misplaced Modifiers.pdf

Misplaced Modifiers

More Misplaced Modifiers.pdf

More Misplaced Modifiers

Pronoun Cases and Antecedent / Troublesome Verbs / Frequently Misspelled Words

Pronoun Cases and Antecedents.pdf

Pronoun Cases and Antecedents

Troublesome Verbs.pdf

Troublesome Verbs

Frequently Misspelled Words.pdf

Frequently Misspelled Words

Noun Clauses, Agreement, and General Formatting

Noun Clauses.pdf

Noun Clauses



General Formatting.pdf

General Formatting