These are handouts that were or will be handed out in class throughout the year. You do NOT need to print them from here because they will be given to you during class. You should also NOT print any handout that has not been assigned. However, you may print another one if you lost yours, or if you were absent and want to get a head start. Be sure to see the agenda for which handout(s) you may have missed. Assignments on Google Classroom will not be posted here. The agenda is always the place to look to see what is happening in class each day. The handouts below are categorized by type. 

Reference Documents and Other

Syllabus 8th.pdf


MLA Format Expectations.pdf

MLA Format Expectations

Writing Rubric.pdf

Writing Rubric

Presentation Rubric.pdf

Presentation Rubric

Glossary of Terms.pdf


Syllabus Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Reading Schedule UTC.pdf

Reading Schedule

Scavenger Hunt UTC.pdf

Novel Scavenger Hunt

Research UTC.pdf


RCQ's UTC.pdf


Vocab 1 UTC.pdf

Vocab 1

Vocab 2 UTC.pdf

Vocab 2

Vocab 3 UTC.pdf

Vocab 3

Vocab 4 UTC.pdf

Vocab 4

Dialect Exercises UTC.pdf

Dialect Exercises

Passage Analysis.pdf

Passage Analysis

Character Flow Chart.pdf

Character Flow Chart

Character Trading Cards.pdf

Character Trading Cards


Tone Exercise

Process Essay Guidelines (UTC).pdf

Process Essay Guidelines

Midterm Exam Study Guide (UTC).pdf

Midterm Exam Study Guide

Of Mice and Men

Reading Schedule OMAM.pdf

Reading Schedule

Scavenger Hunt OMAM.pdf

Novel Scavenger Hunt

The Great Depression Article and Questions.pdf

"Great Depression" Article

Research OMAM.pdf


To a Mouse.pdf

"To a Mouse" Poem

RCQ's OMAM.pdf


Vocab Maps OMAM.pdf

Vocab Maps

Vocab Maps Blank.pdf

Blank Vocab Maps

Room Drawing.pdf

Room Drawing

Final Exam Study Guide (S1 8th).pdf

Final Exam Study Guide

Word Search OMAM.pdf

Word Search

Reading Log OMAM.pdf

Reading Log



To Kill a Mockingbird

Scavenger Hunt TKAM.pdf

Novel Scavenger Hunt

Reading Schedule TKAM.pdf

Reading Schedule

Article Questions TKAM.pdf

Intro and Background Article Questions

Research TKAM.pdf


RCQ's TKAM.pdf


Vocabulary 1-2 TKAM.pdf

Vocab 1-2

Vocabulary 3-4 TKAM.pdf

Vocab 3-4

Vocabulary 5-6 TKAM.pdf

Vocab 5-6

Presentation Rubric.pdf

Presentations Rubric

Presentation Reflection.pdf

Presentations Reflection

Character Chart TKAM.pdf

Character Chart

Symbols (TKAM).pdf


Passage Analysis Annotating.pdf

Passage Analysis (Annotating)

Passage Analysis Setting.pdf

Passage Analysis (Setting)

Passage Analysis Tone.pdf

Passage Analysis (Tone)

Passage Analysis Genre.pdf

Passage Analysis (Genre)

Draft Workshop-Peer Editing.pdf

Draft Workshop

Theme Chart.pdf

Theme Chart

Midterm Exam Study Guide (TKAM).pdf

Midterm Exam Study Guide

Process Essay Guidelines (TKAM).pdf

Process Essay Guidelines

Movie Permission Slip.pdf

Movie Permission Slip

Lord of the Flies

Reading Schedule LOTF.pdf

Reading Schedule

Scavenger Hunt LOTF.pdf

Scavenger Hunt

Research LOTF.pdf


RCQ's LOTF.pdf


Vocabulary 1-2 LOTF.pdf

Vocab 1-2

Vocabulary 3-4 LOTF.pdf

Vocab 3-4

Mock Interviews for Leader.pdf

Mock Interviews for Leaders

Point of View LOTF.pdf

Point of View

Symbolism LOTF.pdf


Children's Storybook.pdf

Children's Storybook

Midterm Exam Study Guide (LOTF).pdf

Midterm Exam Study Guide LOTF

Character Descriptions.pdf

Character Descriptions

Style Exercises.pdf

Style Exercises

Anne Frank

Research AF.pdf


Reading Schedule AF.pdf

Reading Schedule

Scavenger Hunt AF.pdf

Scavenger Hunt

Vocab 1-2 AF.pdf

Vocab 1-2

Final Exam Study Guide S2.pdf

Final Exam Study Guide

Works Cited All Novels.pdf

Works Cited All Novels

Museum Piece.pdf

Museum Piece

Double-Entry Journals.pdf

Double Entry Journal

The Highwayman.pdf

"The Highwayman" Poem

Narrative Elements Poster Project.pdf

Narrative Elements Poster Project

Draft Workshop-Peer Editing.pdf

Draft Workshop